sâmbătă, 28 septembrie 2013

Skyfall quotes

[Bond enters the interrogation room to take his psychological test]
Doctor Hall: I'd like to start with some simple word associations. Just tell me the first work that pops into your head. For example, I say, "Day" and you might say...
James Bond: Wasted.
Doctor Hall: Agent.
James Bond: Provocateur.
Doctor Hall: Woman?
James Bond: Provocatrix.
James Bond: Bitch.
[M sighs from the other side of the interrogation room]
James Bond: Shot.
Doctor Hall: Murder.
James Bond: Occupation.
Doctor Hall: Country.
James Bond: England.
Doctor Hall: Skyfall.
[Bond suddenly pauses]
Doctor Hall: Skyfall.
[Continued pause]
James Bond: Done.
[Bond walks out]

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